Bathroom Design

Bathroom Designs: 9 Inspirational Models

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and small bathrooms are no longer a crisis.

The right details and modern touches can transform a small bathroom into a distinctive one. There are many ideas on homify that will help you choose the right decor and the right taste for you.

1- Simple and elegant

Simplicity in itself is a touch of decoration, as choosing the color of the ceramic in light wood, as well as the wall , where the light colors give expansion in small rooms, the introduction of the simple nature element through the planting bouquet with dim lighting with the use of a glass cabin because it saves a lot of space.

2- wooden

Wooden décor always gives the room a kind of calm and relaxation, and this is what anyone would like in a simple small bathroom design.

Replacing the bathtub with a glass cabin is the perfect solution for small bathrooms, with a large mirror above the sink.

3- Organized

The bathroom design is very neat and elegant, as you feel that everything is in its right place and the space is used to the fullest by placing the hanging basin to use the lower space in placing drawers for storage and replacing the bathtub with a glass cabin.

4- The Minimal

Even in the decor of the bathroom, there should be a difference. This bathroom is completely different, where only the white color was relied upon.

It is the so-called minimal bathroom, which gives a feeling of spaciousness, as well as the simple white decoration through the wide mirror along one of the walls and then placing the glass cabin with a long wooden shelf to sit on. .

5- Modern

If your home is in a modern style, you should add modern and modern touches to the bathroom design as it helps create a spirit of harmony with the rest of your home design by placing a large mirror from wall to floor and using white ceramic decorated with black inscriptions.

6- Different Materials

The use of stone decorations in the living rooms is known, but a new and modern detail is its use in the bathroom wall, which adds a bold and new touch to the wall by using it in the middle of one of the upper walls and the large window next to the bathtub.

7- New furniture

There are other reasons why the furniture in the bathroom can play a major role in creating a different atmosphere; different shapes and colors were used for the toilet, the sink, and the large mirror in the bathroom, which creates a sense of spaciousness in a small room with a long window.

8- The magic of lighting

The yellow lighting around the woman made the bathroom more romantic and warmer, and this is what dim lighting does in any space, large or small. Lighting may be the basis of the decor in this simple bathroom with wooden brown decor.

9- Use of space

In this way, the available space can be utilized in an attractive and tidy manner by placing the bathtub in a corner, and the basin opposite it in the reflective corner. It is possible to maximize the amount of available space by placing a large black window in this triangular shape.

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