Creative BT-W4

Creative BT-W4 Review

In this Article we will  review and take a look at the Creative BT-W4 Audio Transmitter. Find out what the compact Bluetooth 5.2 dongle can do better than a standard solution in the test.

Packaging and Scope Of Delivery

The BT-W4 dongle comes in a flat white box. In addition to various slips of paper, the accessories include an adapter to USB-A and a small microphone with a jack connection.

Technical specifications OF Creative BT-W4

Bluetooth Version 5.2
Audio Resolution 24bit / 96kHz
Range Up-To 50m
Supported Codecs aptX Adaptive, aptX HD, SBC
Compatibility Sony PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac
Miscellaneous Up to 4 devices can be connected, Creative App on the PC

Comparison to BT-W3

Compared to the BT-W3 , the supported codes have been modernized, the audio resolution has also increased and the option to switch between 4 devices has been added. In addition, certain aspects of the BT-W4 can now be configured on the PC via the Creative App.

Creative BT-W4 In Detail

The small USB-C Bluetooth 5.2 audio transmitter is only 3cm tall and expands PC, Mac, PS4, PS5 and the Nintendo Switch with Bluetooth audio functionality if required.

The small dongle with 24Bit/48KHz not only offers a better resolution than most standard Bluetooth solutions, but also comes with a couple of extra features, such as the option to switch between 4 paired devices at the touch of a button.

Unlike the BT-W3, Bluetooth has been upgraded to version 5.2. In addition, aptX Adaptive is now supported. The codec dynamically adjusts its bitrate based on connection strength and the bitrate required by your content to optimize audio resolution and performance depending on the environment and device, e.g. B. when switching from gaming to listening to music.

Creative app

Various settings can be made on the BT-W4 on the PC using the Creative App. Here, for example, various sound optimizations such as the Crystalizer and an equalizer are available.

Practice Check

Setting up the Creative BT-W4 is very easy: plug it in and, to pair end devices, press and hold the button on the top until the LED flashes blue.

The dongle automatically selects the best codec for the connected device and signals this accordingly with the LED color.

Settings can also be made on the PC using the Creative App.

Up to 4 connected devices can be managed via the app or by briefly pressing a button on the back.

We tested the BT-W4 Audio Transmitter on a Nintendo Switch OLED and on a PC. A Creative Air Gamer, One More ComfoBuds Mini and a pair of Wavemaseter Two pro were coupled. While the two earphones were only paired with the SBC codec, the speakers were at least aptX. Unfortunately, a device with Aptx Adaptive was not available.

A minimal delay was noticeable in audio playback in the available modes. Compared to the integrated Bluetooth module of the switch, however, this is really small, so that the BT-.W4 dongle can already be said to have an advantage here. The audio quality felt a bit clearer too.

The microphone is good as an emergency solution and only delivers a satisfactory voice quality that is quite tinny.


The Creative BT-W4 dongle fulfills its purpose with bravura. Establishing a connection worked stably and without dropouts with all the devices we tested. The dongle not only delivers high audio quality, but also supports various modern codecs and the ability to quickly switch between up to 4 connected devices. Depending on the codec, however, a minimal delay is also noticeable

The audio transmitter can still be configured a little on the PC using the Creative App.

In terms of price, the transmitter is slightly more expensive than the previous BT-W3 model. However, some new functions and configuration options have also been added. 

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