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Is the New Profile Pic App that has become worldwide viral too captivating to you that you do not want to miss out on? We must note that the application is being branded as a scam by all social media platforms, including Twitter, and that multiple posts are being made on social media platforms about the app.

In addition, an advisory has been issued against the use of the application that is suspected of capturing and stealing data from all Facebook  users. This article discusses what the Newprofilepicture com App is.

What is a New Profile Picture App?

To start with, let us clarify that Informatics Laboratories Inc. developed the New Profile Pic App. Their company is also the same one that created similar apps like Toonarts etc. which were also created by the same company.

With this application, users’ pictures are transformed into a new form of art or cartoon using artificial intelligence facial recognition technology. Additionally, you may share the image on social networking sites. More details can be found in the following article.

I believe the name of the application on the Google Play store for New Profile Pic App is incorrect as it is called New Profile Pic App rather than Newprofilepicture com . The website and app related to the New Profile Pic App have been corrected. I will elaborate on the application and other details in the following sections of this document.

Introducing NewProfilePicture:

In order to enhance the quality of a picture, Newprofilepicture uses artificial intelligence in order to enhance it. In order to download this application, you will need to go to Google Play Store and search for the name “NewProfilePic: Profile Picture”. Newprofilepicture is a mobile application developed by Linerock Investments LTD and available for download on the Google Play Store.

When users began searching for on the internet as the app became more popular, they found Their profile picture can now be displayed online at newprofilepicture com .

Newprofilepic App information:

More than 100K android users have already installed Newprofilepicture since it was launched on 6th April 2022. Five thousand nine hundred and sixty-three users have rated the application 4.7/5. An Android and iOS app similar to the one developed by Photo was created by a software development company. In their stores, Photo has its own applications.

Instagram and Twitter have seen significant growth in the popularity of the Newprofilepicture on social media. The hashtag #Newprofilepicture was used by thousands of users to post modified selfies. In addition to the Android application, the Newprofilepicture com Android app has become particularly popular for its ability to create beautiful portrait paintings of selfies that can be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

Android versions 5.1 and above are compatible with Newprofilepicture. Authenticity requirements include photos, storage, wi-fi, cameras, and internet connectivity. Throughout the application, new styles are constantly being added, as well as the latest artificial intelligence technology that supports the application.

By using Newprofilepicture, the users can create portraits that they have imagined drawing. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the application provides users with a variety of fun cartoon styles, filters, and fancy effects. Also, became extremely popular due to its ease of use and ability to create an attractive picture in just two simple steps. In order to achieve great results, the user must upload his or her images into the application, select the styles and filters that he or she prefers, and then upload the images.

How did the NewProfilePic App become so popular?

According to sources, the app is used by many users worldwide to update their profile pictures. As a result, the application has become increasingly popular on the internet in recent months. Few are aware that the company registered in Moscow, Russia, receives information about them, including their facial dimension. A new version of an image is created by using AI technology.


In the past, Newprofilepicture was only available on Android, but now as a web application, Newprofilepicture com is available as well. Newprofilepicture was developed by Photo, which is a company based in the United States. IMPORTANT: Make sure you are not importing Newprofilepicture applications from third-party websites. It is possible to download Newprofilepicture from the Google Play Store if you want to access it.

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