Freshen up your home interior

You don’t need tons of money to freshen up your living and working space. It is important to remember that a room’s ideal image is achieved by trying out different combinations. And even when you come up with a perfect variant, it will probably bore you after a while.

So, be brave in your experiments! Prove that with a small amount of money, multiplied by numerous imaginative combinations, you can create a home in which you will feel like a millionaire.


Changing the color of the walls is, without a doubt, the most effective change you can cause in a bit of time and with little money. Who says the painting should be a comprehensive procedure when you can refresh a room in just a few hours, and you only need some paint, accessories, and nylon to cover the furniture.

Semi-dispersion paint suitable for such procedures is relatively inexpensive. If you are wondering how much paint you need, calculate like this: for two coatings of the ceiling and walls, you need approximately as many kilograms of color as the room has a square, and if you decide not to paint the top, one bucket of 10 kg will probably be enough. In addition to this, you will need one or two bottles of toner for toning.

It would help if you also had a roller (don’t take the cheapest one), a brush, and a spatula.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when furnishing an apartment is to illuminate the room with only one type of lighting. The choice usually falls on chandeliers or ceiling lights that illuminate the entire room. Chandeliers are an indispensable part of the atmosphere of a room, but they should be used only on appropriate occasions.

Instead of thinking about a room as a whole when lighting, try to land individual parts of the room based on the activities in them.

Above the seating and tables, you can mount low-hanging lamps with a directional beam of dim lighting and thus create a pleasant home atmosphere. Doesn’t it seem to you that the room is somehow more hospitable and lovely when, instead of a few spotlights shining from the ceiling, you are greeted by a couple of lamps in the corners that give a soft, velvety light?

The good news is that the prices of home lighting elements are falling while the offer is constantly increasing. In addition to flea markets and specialized lighting shops, which are becoming more and more popular every day, you can always consider reviving old-fashioned lamps that you found in your grandmother’s attic or received from a friend a long time ago. Did you know that it’s not that hard to make a lamp? To get started, get a light bulb socket, power cord, and switch. Everything else is a matter of imagination: remember the lamps made of bottles, packaging, and similar handy things that you saw when you visited. Invite a friend to give you a “recipe” or even help you with a coffee. Please check Paper magazines if you need more ideas; they have plenty of home decor magazines you can subscribe to!

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