How to iron jeans?

Jeans are firmly embedded in our lives and today it seems difficult to do without them. In this dress they go for a walk, work, travel and rest. The popularity of these pants is justified. Jeans make a variety of creating their image, they love children and adults, men and women. These pants always keep up with fashion trends. With proper care, it can last for quite some time.

Do I need to iron the jeans?

For some reason, many believe that jeans can never be ironed. And they wear it every day. But if you always wanted to look good, ironing should be constant. Some people believe that after washing, it is enough to get rid of wet pants so that they take on a pompous look. In fact, it is useless, such a dense material as jeans, even after shaking, can not soften well. Folds are inevitably formed, and folds lead to the fact that the threads begin to fray a lot in places of bends, and the fabric quickly fades.

Therefore, jeans should always be ironed after washing. After that, iron your turn to maintain a neat appearance.

Ironing technique

In order not to form irregularities, it is necessary to iron the jeans with a warm iron, observing some rules.

  • You can only iron wet pants. If the material is too dry, it must be moistened with an atomizer. The liquid is sprayed evenly over the surface of the pants, especially in places that are too friable or hard.
  • In the absence of a spray gun, you can sew jeans through gauze. They need to be wet, spread over the surface of the material, and then hold the iron. To cope with small wrinkles will help the “steam” mode.
  • In order not to injure the facial fibers, the ironing process should be carried out on the wrong side. If you begin to iron the front side, the fabric will begin to shine and sparkle.
  • Before ironing the pants you need to get out. It is necessary to start ironing the trousers from the seams, having established a low temperature. Stitches are usually made of capron. It is possible for kapron to melt at high temperatures.
  • The normal temperature for ironing denim is in the range from 140-190 degrees. Of great importance is the thickness and density of the material.
  • When the seams on each side are well ironed, the pants should be ironed and ironed in all remaining parts of the fabric.
  • Sometimes the stencil may remain in the pocket area due to the high density of the fabric. To avoid this, you need to put in your pocket, for example, a handkerchief. Usually this procedure gives a result – after cauterization, there are no traces in the pocket area.
  • They do not make arrows on jeans. It should only be on canvas pants. Stocks made of jeans are an expression of bad taste and disregard for clothing.
  • The pants should dry slightly after ironing. Suspended on a rope, laid on any flat surface.

Some people, when they are in a hurry, wear their pants that are not fully dried. In cases of jeans, this is not necessary. The result may be loss of shape. Unsightly bulges appear on these knee-length pants.

How to properly pat “ripped” jeans

“Ripped” jeans are more of a season in youth fashion. Sometimes it is difficult to count the number of holes.

Jeans are considered the most exquisite at the knees, and the material is torn at the hips.

“Ripped” jeans need to be ironed properly to maintain their stylish appearance.

To wash such things it is forbidden to use a washing machine. She can turn these pants into a heavily ripped piece of fabric. Suitable for this hand wash only. If there is an urgent need, as well as a small amount of time, before sending the “cloth” to the washing machine, the jeans are wrapped in a thin cloth bag.

If washing is done by hand, then the pants must be pre-boiled. Then they are smoothed after boiling, straightened, and hung to dry. “Ripped” jeans require a careful approach, especially when ironing. Carefully ironed seams, all areas are flat. Moreover, the operation must necessarily be carried out with the imposition of wet gauze. To prevent prints from appearing on the back of the holes made in the front, ironing should be done with an ironing board.

Each leg is placed on the reclining part, which is specially designed for good ironing.

Ironing masters do not recommend “torn” trouser panels. If they have a shapeless appearance, then you need to sprinkle them a little with water, smooth them well, give them a different position and let them dry.

Ironing jeans with embellishments

Jeans have always been considered work clothes. Time passed, everything changed. To make women’s jeans more comfortable and more “ladies” or children’s, they began to decorate:

  • rhinestones.
  • beads.
  • embroidery.
  • sequins;

Of course, to knock these pants off is much more difficult than ordinary jeans. If they have a lot of decorative elements, you can do without ironing. To do this, use a special steam generator. It is possible for him to restore the original appearance of the material.

Special care is needed to iron the decals on children’s clothing. It is strictly forbidden to heat it, as it will deteriorate. It is enough after washing gently to straighten.

How to reduce the number of sleeves

According to the recommendations of manufacturers of fashionable denim clothing, the trousers do not need to be ironed often with an iron. A wrinkled appearance can result from this.

After washing to get rid of the water, you just need to hang it on the rope and wait until it drains completely. To reduce the number of sleeves for a single product, several process steps are required.

  • First, zips, buttons and buttons are attached to the pants. In the washing machine, the clothes are turned over and washed. Wash jeans only. Other things should be missing.
  • The device is set to sensitive mode. You can wash these jeans by hand. To do this, you need laundry soap and laundry detergent, since there are no whitening components.
  • In the last century, fans were able to wash their pants without removing them. Dandies believe that as a result of such “washing” pants can not sit.
  • Washed jeans should be washed carefully. Twisting them like a regular mop is strictly prohibited. It is enough to hang your clothes on a rope in the bathroom and the water will drain. All that is needed is a little patience.
  • Pull the jeans in both length and width before you send them to dry. The fact is that after washing this material sits a little.
  • Drying should be carried out on the street or in a well-ventilated area. Moreover, jeans should be strictly horizontal. To do this, the pants are gently laid on any flat surface.
  • Of course, compliance with the above rules will help to get a positive effect. If you iron denim clothes correctly, then their life will increase significantly.

Dry cleaning denim clothing is not possible based on practical experience.

During the manufacture of pants the material undergoes a digestion process. This process involves many special chemicals.In the process of dry cleaning products a reaction begins, the result of which no one can predict, but a beautiful appearance will be spoiled, that’s for sure.

From the above, we can conclude that ironing is possible, but you must follow all the rules.

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