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Computers are something that has a vital role in the lives of almost most of us. Whether we like it or not, computing is one of the most important symbols of the modern age. Computers make our work much easier as well as help us beat boredom when it comes down to it. 

Sometimes, however, it happens that even a reliable computer simply leaves us and it is therefore time to start thinking about buying a new one, and this is not one of the easiest questions.

It is important to know what we expect from the new device, what we require and what we are willing to do without. Such a thing must be thought through, as it is often not a small investment and it is desirable that the computer serve us faithfully for another good few years.


First of all, we need to know for what purpose we are going to buy a new computer. Whether we want a powerful partner that amazes with its specifications, or rather a reliable companion that won’t let us down and leave us in the lurch when we need it most.

If we are a regular PC user and use it mainly for office work, there is no need for it to hide a state-of-the-art graphics card and a super powerful processor under the hood. On the contrary, we will need it if we want to buy a gaming PC .

Real requirements are thus the alpha and omega of choosing a new computer. We often tend to want something more than we really need and then we can blame ourselves for investing more money than was necessary.


Of course, we always try to save as much as possible and the price-performance ratio plays a crucial role in this. However, it is not always necessary to buy a completely new device at any price. One of the alternatives can be the acquisition of a so-called refurbished computer . Such computers can be purchased for a fraction of the original price and are therefore an interesting alternative to purchasing a cheap PC .

However, a refurbished computer quite often does not mean a used computer in the sense that we might imagine it. These are usually PCs that have been used minimally, or have only been unpacked and then returned during the warranty period. They can also come from various transfer actions or terminated leases.

This small detail can still prove to be essential, because the purchase price drops considerably because of it, and it can easily be in the order of thousands of crowns. Thanks to this, it is then possible to get a really high-quality computer with a smaller budget, which often comes from higher product lines of individual manufacturers.

People also have certain doubts about purchasing a refurbished computer is not brand new and must therefore be damaged in some way. However, this is not true, as each such device is subjected to demanding testing and possible replacement of defective parts before being sold.

It is true that the warranty on a refurbished computer is shortened to only one year compared to normal, but by purchasing it you will get a quality PC, significantly below its original price, but still a computer with a warranty. 

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