Jakob Moravia

Jakob Moravia: The fortune of the entrepreneur

Jakob Moravia net worth 10 Million dollars
Date of birth January 01, 1982
Born In Berlin, Germany
Nationality German
Profession Entrepreneur

How much money does Jakob Moravia have?

Jakob Moravia is a savvy businessman who started real estate businesses in his early 20s. Now he owns real estate worth several billion Dollars . Sometimes this is also a responsibility for the constantly rising rents in large German cities. In any case, he is one of the best-known CEOs in Germany’s real estate industry. Jakob Moravia ‘s estimated net worth is 10 million dollars.

Jacob Moravia’s fortune

Jakob Moravia has been earning his living trading in residential real estate since 2002 . In doing so, he has built up a significant fortune. As managing director of MÄHREN AG, he is directly involved in the financial success of his company. The fact that Moravia is very rich is proven not least by the fact that he owns the almost 45-meter-long yacht Forever .

First stocks, then real estate trading

Jakob Moravia was born and grew up in Berlin. His exact date of birth is not known, only the year of birth 1982. After graduating from high school in 2002, he made money from day trading . He relied on short-term price developments on the stock exchange and built up a fortune of 40,000 Dollars within a short time. He used it to buy a two-room apartment. However, he did not use this himself, but renovated it with the help of friends and resold it for twice the amount of money. This laid the foundation for his current business and the assets associated with it.

Company founder at the age of 20

The income formed the basis for the founding of Moravia’s company, the MÄHREN GROUP. From then on, he used her to acquire apartment buildings in Berlin districts such as Friedrichshain and Neukölln , which at the time were less sought-after residential areas. As the districts became more popular over time, the value of real estate increased. In order to be able to concentrate on his business activities, Moravia refrained from starting studies or training. In 2006, MÄHREN ASSET MANAGEMENT GmbH was founded, which took over property management in Moravian real estate.

Although Moravia focuses its real estate business on Berlin, it soon became active in other regions of Germany as well . For example, with his company he acquired houses in East German cities such as Leipzig, Dresden, Halle and Magdeburg. The company also bought real estate in the Ruhr area.

Social Commitment

Moravia has been supporting social projects for years . In April 2011, his company donated EUR 15,000 to the Laughing Hearts association, which helps socially disadvantaged children in Berlin. In December 2013, Moravia called on Facebook to donate to a new day and night center for seriously ill children, which the Berliner Herz children’s hospice had built. A total of 60,000 dollars was raised. In 2015, Moravia founded the Jakob Moravian Foundation, with which he continues to collect donations for social projects.

Extension of Services

In April 2016, Moravia was appointed to the Advisory Board of Deutsche Bank. There he should contribute his knowledge to the real estate industry. Since September 2016 his company has been called MÄHREN AG . He decided not to go public, but did not rule it out in the future. In 2020, Moravia founded MÄHREN DEVELOPMENT GmbH, which directs actions related to the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of real estate owned by MÄHREN AG. In addition, the company expanded its business activities to storage, logistics and industrial real estate, for which IndustREAL GmbH was founded.

The company now has over 70 employees and, in addition to Germany, also owns real estate in the USA, Italy and Austria. The company’s total transaction volume is currently more than 4 billion dollars .

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