MacBook vs classic laptop or which one to buy?

In the 21st century, we probably cannot imagine life without a laptop. Virtually everyone has a Macbook or a laptop these days, and it is between these two camps that huge disputes arise. Despite the huge number of tests and user references, it has not yet been determined whether it is more worthwhile to buy a MacBook or a classic laptop with the Windows operating system.

Different Software

Undoubtedly, the biggest difference between a MacBook and a laptop is in the operating system. Classic laptops are produced by a relatively large number of companies, but all of them have Windows software.

In contrast, the Macbook is manufactured exclusively by Apple, so you won’t find their OS X program on any other laptop. The OS X operating system stands out for its excellent optimization, smooth operation, and above all its simplicity. Many users confirm that Windows is very complex compared to Apple’s system.

Similar Hardware

There are no big differences between MacBooks and laptops in terms of computer hardware. However, Apple laptops are equipped with more accurate and finer trackpads. Thanks to them, you can work without any restrictions even if you don’t have a mouse with you. The MacBook also excels on Retina monitors with beautiful colors, depth and contrast.

With a classic laptop, you’ll need a bit of luck to come across a good monitor. It all depends on the preferences and philosophy of individual manufacturers.

The main disadvantage of the MacBook?

If you are at least a little familiar with the world of Internet technology, then you certainly know that the purchase price of a MacBook is many times higher than the price of an ordinary laptop. Cheaper models start at 950$, which is not exactly low.

It should be noted, however, that this price tag primarily includes the exclusivity of the Apple brand and the OS X operating system. Thanks to owning a device with the bitten apple sign, you also gain a higher social status.

It is wrong to think that MacBooks are overpriced computers that do not last. You really do get top-of-the-line equipment for a higher purchase price.

Apple pays particular attention to long life and long battery life in its computers. These are essential parameters for some users that make MacBooks so popular.

How to get a cheap MacBook?

If you’ve made a firm decision to buy an Apple computer, you’re probably looking for ways to buy such a device at the lowest possible price. The solution is a used MacBook that retains a certain level of quality and value even after many years of use.

However, a professionally performed repair is absolutely essential. MacBooks are refurbished through a multi-step process including rigorous tests, cleaning and installation of the operating system. Buy a refurbished MacBook today mainly in specialized stores that provide a 12-month warranty and the possibility of VAT deduction

If you want a high-quality computer, get a refurbished MacBook at a good price. However, it depends mainly on you whether it fits you better than a classic laptop.

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