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The living room is the main living room of the house, welcoming guests and friends. Therefore, the interior design of the living room villa requires a lot of effort and dedication. Knowing this, MAP Design would like to send a set of beautiful villa living room interior design samples as well as some design experience.

  1. Beautiful modern villa living room interior

The interior design of this modern villa living room is impressive because of the walls combined with gentle colors for a modern luxurious space. Furniture products are designed not only to give you a feeling of lightness. The interior of the living room villa is designed with large glass panes to create a spacious and airy feeling.

  1. Modern and elegant villa living room model

The interior design of the villa living room is outstanding and stylish, the color combination helps you have a more dimensional view of the villa living room model. In order to add more art to the space, the architects used wall photos to decorate the attractive part. The living room of the villa stands out with soft, minimalist lines and details combined with harmonious colors to bring an elegant and charming space. The brown and gray combination of the sofa is subtly combined with the newly designed coffee table and cabinet, decorating the living room with beloved items to create an impressive overall effect

  1. Luxury walnut villa living room

Walnut living room interior design is currently considered a dominant trend in many homes around the world, especially Vietnam. This is considered a national material for all types of houses, from interior design of Hanoi apartments to townhouses or villas.

This living room combines walnut furniture products with alloy material of decorative lights to give you a luxurious and charming space. The TV shelf in the living room is combined into a decorative cabinet, where precious wine bottles are placed, increasing the aesthetic value of the house.

  1. Modern and warm villa living room model

The villa living room model is designed with the perfect combination of warm brown wood grain and elegant white color for a space full of sophistication and elegance. The living room sofa set is made of leather and wood, along with a simple wooden coffee table, giving the viewer a cozy and friendly feeling. The most attractive highlight of the living room is the wooden cabinets that decorate the living room, on which are placed countless precious items, showing the sophistication and playfulness of the owner.

  1. Modern luxury living room design

If you are looking for a luxury wooden villa living room interior design, this interior design is a good suggestion for you. The whole space is walnut wood furniture, soft and delicate wood grain brings elegance and warmth to the living room. Walnut wood furniture when combined with crystal chandeliers with sophisticated design brings a luxurious and stylish space.

  1. Beautiful and luxurious living room design

This modern villa living room design makes you impressed by the meticulous lines and details. Still a set of tables and chairs made from luxurious wood and leather materials along with a large crystal chandelier showing the elegant and luxurious interior style of the owner.

  1. Luxury and attractive villa living room model

This living room design is harmoniously combined with modern and elegant furniture to bring a luxurious and charming highlight to the entire space. The living room features a lovely floral pattern partition combined with a circular rug to create a charming accent for the space.

  1. Notes when designing the interior of a modern villa’s living room

When designing the interior of a modern villa living room, it is necessary to pay attention to the following principles so that you can get the design you want.

8.1 Arrange furniture in the living room of a modern villa in the right proportions

Before embarking on decorating the living room, pay attention to the issue of space proportions. A beautiful villa living room interior design with the right proportions will bring harmony and elegance to the space.

8.2 Choosing furniture for a modern villa living room

Modern villa living room models always require sophistication and elegance in every detail. Interior products with clear lines, reducing cumbersome details. But still ensure to bring a comfortable, modern living space that is still luxurious and elegant.

Different from the beautiful classic living room furniture of Vietnam, the interior decoration of the modern villa living room is very diverse and innovative. Diversity, smart design and appropriate use are the outstanding features of modern villa interiors.

8.3 What materials are used to design the interior of a modern villa?

The use of wood in interior design of modern villa living rooms is being considered as an interior design trend favored by many countries, including Vietnam. The most prominent of which are walnut furniture products. It’s not hard to explain why walnuts are so popular in many families. This material not only brings the beauty of the time value but also gives the space elegance and sophistication.

Modern villa living room furniture combined with walnut wood material creates a cozy, close but equally elegant and stylish apartment. Besides walnut wood, natural interior materials such as stone, brick, wood, rattan, bamboo … are also very popular in the design of living rooms in modern villas.

8.4 Colors in modern villa living room interior design

The interior design of the modern villa living room uses neutral colors such as brown, white, cream yellow, etc. to create a cool feeling suitable for the Vietnamese climate. The interior space of the modern villa’s living room is a combination of light and dark tones evoking Asian beauty, imbued with luxury and sophistication.

8.5 Elements of light in the interior design of the villa living room

The element of light is one of the most important elements in the interior design of a modern villa living room. It can be said that adequacy is the main factor that determines the aesthetic and emotional quality of family members. When designing a modern villa living room, you should design large glass doors to be able to take advantage of the light source from the sun. 

The sunlight from the sun seems to bring life to the whole room. In addition to natural light, the arrangement of a few beautifully designed crystal chandeliers in the living room will bring a luxurious and shimmering aesthetic to your home.

8.6 Creating accents for the living room of a modern villa

When designing the interior of the living room, one of the most important things is to create a focal point for the space. A beautiful living room not only needs high-end products with harmonious and sophisticated design, but also has attractive accents. The lack of accents in the living room furniture can easily make the space dull and boring. 

Decorating the living room wall with a few cute little touches will make the house space more attractive than ever. A picture hanging in the living room, with soft lines, harmonious content, as if a romantic poem is blown into space. Or walnut living room decoration cabinets help the house become more luxurious and elegant. These will be great ideas to make your living room more beautiful.

  1. MAP Design – Interior design unit of modern villa living room

MAP Design is a famous brand specializing in construction and interior design of modern villa living rooms . Make architectural works comfortable and beautiful. For many years of operation, always leading the trend with unique interior design to meet all needs of customers. MAP design service is implemented as.

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