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Substitute for tomato paste – The 5 best alternatives

Tomato paste can be used in many ways in cooking. If it’s missing, that’s annoying. You can find out how to replace tomato paste here.

Tomato paste is an important ingredient, especially for many sauces, dressings and dips. The thickened paste made from tomato flesh adds flavor to many recipes. If it is missing, alternatives must be used.

5 alternatives for tomato paste

Tomato paste has an intensely fruity taste. It also tastes quite clear and is composed without many nuances. Depending on the use and the recipe, there are therefore some alternatives that are suitable as a substitute if there is no tomato paste in the pantry. Combinations are often particularly suitable. The following foods are particularly good for this:

  1. Fresh tomatoes

The most obvious are fresh tomatoes. These can be chopped up and added to sauces. Then the sauce should be boiled down a little longer. If you want to get particularly close to the taste of the tomato paste, you can peel and core the tomatoes. To do this, cut the skin of the tomatoes slightly on the underside and put them in boiling water for 30 seconds. The shell can then be easily removed. To remove the seeds, you can then halve the tomatoes and loosen the seeds with a teaspoon.

  1. Other tomato products

Alternatively, you can also use other tomato products. This always makes sense when the taste of tomatoes is in the foreground in the dish. Suitable tomato products as a substitute for tomato paste are passed and chopped tomatoes or tomato puree. Again, the amount must be larger than the tomato paste you would otherwise use. Due to the higher water content, the dish also has to cook longer. It is a good idea to taste the dish regularly and adjust it accordingly with the tomato product of your choice.

  1. Umami-flavored foods

Tomato paste is popular in many recipes because it has a hearty, spicy and almost meaty or piquant taste. This taste quality is also known as the umami taste and is mainly caused by the high content of glutamic acid in the tomato paste. When it comes to replacing the taste of tomato paste, foods with an umami flavor are particularly suitable. Seasoning sauces in particular offer a suitable substitute. The following alternatives are possible:

  • Soy sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Ground Seaweed
  • Maggi sauce
  • Ground Mushrooms
  • fish sauce

It is often above all the combination with other condiments, ingredients, spices and alternatives that make a good substitute for tomato paste. While using ketchup as a substitute for tomato paste may sound obvious, ketchup is usually too high in sugar and vinegar. One or the other barbecue sauce is more suitable.

  1. Roux for thicker consistency

Tomato paste is often used in dishes to thicken and bind sauces. So if you are already satisfied with the taste of the dish and just want a thicker consistency, you can make a roux made of butter or oil and some flour and then add this to the sauce. Alternatively, of course, some starch can also be used. If you want to avoid fat or oil, you can also mix fine flour or starch in a little water to prevent lumps from forming and then carefully stir the liquid into the sauce.

  1. Replace tomato paste with spices

Spices help to round off the taste. In addition to salt, a little pepper and basil, ready-made spice mixtures for tomato sauces are practical ( order here on Just Spices / AD ). Garlic, onions, oregano and/or a pinch of sugar are also often used in tomato sauces.

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