How to choose sunglasses suitable for face type?

Sunglasses, which are used as an indispensable accessory especially in the summer months, are as important as their quality as well as their suitability for the face type.

Every year, in the summer, we come across a wide variety of sunglasses . Every year has its own style. While choosing sunglasses, we want to make sure that they look beautiful on the one hand, and not risk our health on the other. In this respect , we take care to choose polarized sunglasses .

But apart from all these, perhaps one of the biggest mistakes made in choosing glasses is the use of glasses that are not suitable for the face type. Glasses that do not fit the face create a very bad impression. In fact, no matter how high quality or expensive glasses are purchased, it creates a simple look. This is also an undesirable situation.

In that respect , there are some tricks to consider when buying glasses . If glasses are selected according to these criteria, the undesirable situations we have described above do not occur. Even the cheapest glasses we buy become an accessory that our face will carry and that suits us.

So , which glasses are suitable for which face types? Now let’s take a look at it together. There are 7 known face types in humans. These are as follows:

  • Oval Face
  • Square Face
  • Long Rectangle Face
  • Pear Face
  • Inverted Triangle Face
  • Round face
  • heart (shaped) face

Oval Face

When determining the oval face type, it should not be confused with the round face. A sharp chin and not very wide forehead draw attention compared to the other. The length of the face is greater than its width. It is striking with its cheekbones. If you have an oval face line, almost any desired model eyeglass frame will suit you. This face type is considered the ideal face type. All you need to be careful about is to stay away from frames that will disrupt the natural proportion of your face.

Square Face

An example of this type of face is that it is almost the same in length and width. There is a distinct and firm line in the facial area. In cases like this, you should choose glasses that will make your face appear oval if the width of the forehead, cheek bones, and corners of your chin are the same widths. It is best to choose eyeglass frames that are thin and curved that will help soften the corners of your face when you choose your eyeglasses frames. There is no doubt that you should not opt for geometric or rectangular frames when it comes to your choice of frames. There are a lot of frames that will suit you very well, including cat-eye styles and round frames.

Long Rectangle Face

There is a greater length than width to the face. Round models that soften the rectangular shape of your face are great for people with rectangular faces. With wide frames, you have an easy time choosing models. By choosing to place your models horizontally, you can conceal the excessive length of your face, while making the faces appear smaller. Those with long faces are best suited for cat-eye glasses or oval and geometric shapes of frames. It is recommended that you choose thinner, unassuming temples instead of thick and patterned ones, as they give the appearance of a shorter face. In order to avoid having frames around the eye area that are too small and narrow, it is important not to choose them.

Pear Face

Face features a narrow forehead, a wide chin, and a wide cheek. Choosing models that emphasize the upper part of the face and the eye area is crucial for this type of face that expands toward the chin. Choosing frames with low handles will make your forehead appear larger. The glasses you prefer should be positioned at the width of your chin or adjacent to your temples. This type of face is best suited to frameless models. In addition to full frames, half frames will give your face a more youthful appearance by adding volume to your narrower regions. Cat-eye frames and pilot-type glasses will be a great choice for you.

Inverted Triangle Face

The forehead is wide, the cheekbones are protruding, the chin is narrow. You should choose models that help make the wide forehead look narrower. Frames with a wider bottom and low-neck glasses allow you to create a balanced image on your face.

Round face

There is almost no difference between the length and width of the face in round faces. The cheeks are full and the face is circular. If the areas of your face are not wider than each other, you have a round face type. If you have a round face, the models you choose should catch the contrast on your face. In particular, you should choose models with square and rectangular frames, which will make your face appear longer. Round, small and downward expanding spectacle frames should not be preferred for round faces.

Heart (shaped) Face

A narrow lower portion of the face and a wide upper portion characterize this face type. In short, I have a wide forehead, wide cheeks, and narrow and pointed chin. There will be a sense of balance between your face and a pair of cornered glasses with a frame that is not very detailed in the upper part. You will look great in small, round frames. You should choose models with thin upper parts and thick lower parts so that you can give volume to the area under your cheekbones. It is very important that the frames you select will allow the line below the eye level to be wider and the narrow chin to be balanced in order to achieve full aesthetics.

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