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Last year’s parka doesn’t fit anymore and your daughter also has precise ideas about the new winter jacket. While design is important, weatherproof fabric that insulates against extreme cold is key. We did the research for you: Here are our 10 current recommendations for the best winter jacket for girls plus buying advice.

The best winter jackets for girls

  1. Trollkids Stanavanger winter coat

The chic Trollkids Stanavanger quilted coat offers what girls want: no matter whether it’s wet or below zero, the length, 6,000 mm water column and the synthetic 130 g/m2 thick padding provide maximum protection against climatic influences.

Breathable Aquaproof membrane with 6,000 g/m²/24h ensures a pleasant body climate.

The fitted hood and zipped hip pockets offer comfort, while inner cuffs, elastic trimmings on the hood and zips in a contrasting color set fashionable accents.

The easy-care polyester is machine washable and, thanks to the short drying time, is quickly ready for use again.

  1. VAUDE Campfire 3in1 girls winter jacket

The functional 3in1 double jacket for leisure, everyday life and skiing holidays is worn in combination in winter, in the transitional period the wind-resistant fleece inner jacket and the rainproof hard shell are used individually.

Fashionably ambitious girls like the slightly tailored A-line with stretch band in the back and width-adjustable hem.

Fitted cuffs, the wind flap with zipper and Velcro patches and the hood form a solid barrier against wet and cold weather.

  1. Killtec Lynge

The sporty Killtec Lynge outdoor jacket catches the eye with its color blocking design, but the waterproof and windproof outer material with a 10,000 mm water column and welded seams that withstand all kinds of precipitation are just as important.

Important things stay dry in the zipped side pockets and the zipped chest pocket, while the hood and stand-up collar with chin guard round off the weather protection.

Fluffy fleece lining warms the inside , adjustable cuffs with Velcro strips prevent cold air from penetrating.

The hip-length cut gives teenagers a good figure and always keeps their backs covered, even when cycling. The polyester material is light, durable and dries quickly.

4. Lego Wear Lwjipe girls winter jacket

The warming puffer jacket from Lego Wear is windproof, has a 3,000 mm water column and Bionic Finish ECO impregnation against snow and rain, while the breathable properties of the synthetic padding prevent heat build-up. Depending on the weather, the jacket can be used with or without a hood.

Even the little ones can use the long pendants on the zip and the zipped side pockets on their own, while older girls pull the zips with gloves.

  1. Gemyse hooded winter jacket

The robust outdoor jacket for girls scores with a cool design, windproof and waterproof workmanship right down to the zips.

Thanks to the breathable teddy lining and coated outer material, there are no colds when tobogganing, skiing on vacation or on foggy and rainy days in everyday life.

Velcro cuffs and cuffs with thumb holes retain heat, the front zip is double-secured with Velcro and snaps.

In mild weather, the fleece hood is removed , the stand-up collar still keeps you warm enough. 2 zipped hand pockets warm your hands, a zipped chest pocket stores valuables.

  1. VAUDE Greenfinch Coat Girls II

Trendy and environmentally friendly, the long Greenfinch Coat Girls II quilted coat gets schoolgirls through the winter. Warm, moisture-resistant 180g/m² padding and the wind- and water-repellent outer material with a breathable PU membrane are made entirely or partially from recycled polyester.

If the insulated hood is not needed, it can be rolled up and converted into a warm stand-up collar. The front end with chin guard reaches up to the chin.

When cycling, the 2-way zip, which opens from the bottom, increases freedom of movement. Two side pockets with flaps and buttons keep your hands warm.

  1. Jack Wolfskin K Zenon winter jacket for girls

The Jack Wolfskin K Zenon between-seasons and winter jacket provides maximum warmth with minimal weight, thanks to the recycled Microguard Ecosphere padding.

Even in rain and snow, insulation and volume are fully retained. The tear-resistant, wind- and water-repellent Stormlock material also makes a decisive contribution to the dry climate under the jacket.

The firmly attached, padded hood with a high hem at the front, elastic cuffs and hem edging complete the pleasant warmth.

Two zipped pockets safely store the little things you need every day. The PFC-free jacket for active girls dries quickly and is equipped with reflective details all over.

  1. CMP ski jacket for girls

The right outfit for the winter holiday:

  • The ski jacket from CMP is insulated with an exclusive thermal laminate, whose Clima Protect technology with a water column of 5,000 mm protects against moisture,
  • while 5,000 g/m²/24 h breathability enables good climate control when things get hot on the toboggan run.

All seams are sealed and the pockets can be closed with zippers to seal everything even in the event of a belly landing.

Thanks to inner cuffs and Velcro strips, the gloves sit comfortably. If the synthetic, flat filling heats up too much in the sunshine, the hood can be removed.

9. s.Oliver down coat

The down-look s.Oliver girls’ coat , which is lined with soft fleece on the inside, impresses with its super chic design, which is easy to see in the cold season thanks to its light colour.

The fluffy synthetic insulation is processed in differently arranged quilting seams, as is the trend today.

Two zipped side pockets securely hold small personal items, the front zip lies under a wide cover strip with snap fasteners. Elastic inner cuffs are especially comfortable when cycling because they keep cold air out of the sleeves.

  1. NAME IT puffer jacket

The cozy weather protection for little princesses in sizes 80 to 104 makes autumn and winter trips a pleasure:

  • Water- and wind-resistant outer material made of recycled polyester hardly absorbs moisture, while the thick synthetic teddy lining keeps the body warm.
  • The stand-up collar and the detachable hood are also fully lined.

The little ones can use two side pockets with long handles on the zip fasteners themselves. The full-length zip ends in a chin guard for safety.

An elasticated back waist adjusts the fit, while the reflective patch on the back improves visibility.

The Best Winter Jacket for Girls – Look out for these 10 qualities

A winter jacket for girls has to withstand a lot and stand up to their girlfriends: Make a pre-selection and allow your daughter to have a say in the final decision.

If pink was yesterday’s favorite, who knows what colors are trending today? We will now discuss 10 criteria for processing a suitable girls winter jacket.

  1. The material

Functional material from a water column of 4,000 mm , ideally equipped with a PFC-free impregnation, can be described as waterproof. If your daughter cycles to school every day, windproof and waterproof workmanship is essential. Kindergarten children love to romp in the snow, which is why a parka or snow suit should also protect the little ones from getting wet.

  • Nylon: Pre-school children in particular put a lot of strain on their winter jacket: The tear-resistant synthetic fiber withstands maximum strain when running, romping and climbing, as it is slightly elastic in some jackets. Look for a coating that keeps moisture out.
  • Polyester: The material is light, breathable and dries quickly. It is softer and more comfortable than nylon, hardly rustles and is very comfortable to wear. Here, too, there are elastic versions that are more or less tear-resistant.
  • Cotton: The natural fiber is comfortable to wear, robust and warm, but the fabric absorbs moisture and is relatively heavy. A damp jacket takes a long time to dry on the line, and there is a risk that it will shrink in the dryer.

Kindergarten children love to romp in the snow, which is why the parka should also protect the little ones from getting wet.

  1. The sleeve length

Elastic cuffs offer two advantages:

  • Excessive length can be rolled up and the tight fit allows you to pull your hands up into the warm interior.
  • Straight-cut sleeves with Velcro strips reach halfway to the ball of the thumb to ensure sufficient length when the cyclist’s posture is bent.

Should you allow the jacket with thumbhole cuffs that your daughter is dying to have?

The handcuffs warm the back of the hand and the palms, while the fingers remain fully operational to operate the smartphone. If extreme cold requires gloves, the cuffs can simply be turned inside out. So there are more arguments in favor of the jacket with a thumb hole than against it.

  1. What insulation?

Synthetic insulation is recommended for girls’ children’s jackets , as the volume and heat output are fully retained even in humid air.

A high-quality synthetic fiber filling is easy to care for and dries quickly, in contrast to down. Brand names such as Primaloft , Thermoball or Sorona come very close to the insulating effect of natural down.

Eco-friendly jackets are made entirely or partially from recycled polyester. Big names like Vaude, Jack Wolfskin, Gemyse and Trollkids appeal to parents who want to do their part to protect the environment through conscious consumption.

Due to the high heat output, synthetic fiber insulation is thinner, which increases wearing comfort.

  1. The hood

For safety reasons, the hood of the winter jacket for pre-school and primary school children should be attached with press studs so that it detaches immediately if it gets caught. An elastic binding is also cheaper than a drawstring.

Let bigger girls and teenagers try on the winter bike helmet jacket. The hood can be attached or rolled up as a stand-up collar. Faux fur trim and hood can often be removed separately.

  1. The length

The hem length should at least cover the buttocks, or you can choose a chic quilted coat that keeps your legs warm and dry. When you sit down at the bus stop or on the bike saddle, the padded seat stays warm.

Little girls who wear mud pants in kindergarten need the freedom of movement of a hip-length winter jacket.

  1. Wind and waterproof processing

It gets cold and wet under a simple zipper:

  • A wide cover strip , which is again secured with Velcro patches or snaps, blocks drafts and penetrating rain.
  • A chin guard at the top of the stand-up collar avoids pinching the skin or the turtleneck in the front zip.

Zippered pockets keep contents dry and long tags can be opened and closed with gloves. At the same time, zips close loopholes for cold and moisture. Fluffy pocket linings warm your hands on the go. Fleece lining and teddy lining on the body, in the stand-up collar and hood provide excellent insulation against icy winds.

  1. High breathability

Sweaty skin produces evaporative cooling, which leads to severe chilling from the inside. Functional material with a breathable membrane ensures air conditioning.

You can see how much vapor permeability the material has from an indication like 5000 g / m² / 24 h, which is a good value.

In order for the breathable properties to work, three layers of clothing are required on top of each other:

  • The base layer on the skin absorbs moisture,
  • while the midlayer transports the water vapor to the outside via the membrane .

Only do without cotton shirts, as natural fibers store moisture, thermal underwear or a merino shirt is better in extreme cold.

  1. Good visibility

Bright colors and all-round reflective elements increase visibility in the dark season.

Even little girls in the bike seat that cover their parent’s back contribute to safety with reflectors on their winter jackets.

If necessary, add iron-on patches or cat eyes to insufficient equipment on the hood, sleeves and neck area.

  1. Safe and ecological materials

All major outdoor jacket manufacturers participate in eco-friendly schemes.

One of the most important components is the absence of waterproofing agents made from harmful polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC) .

The DWR impregnation used today is harmless to people and the environment.

In addition, recycled polyester is processed into tear-resistant fabric and insulation. So-called artificial down retains its thermal performance even if the jacket gets wet. Quality seals such as ÖkoTex, Bluesign and Grüner Knopf distinguish products with non-toxic ingredients and environmentally friendly production. You can recognize poor quality by the strong smell of chemicals.

  1. Girls’ or children’s jackets?

Most manufacturers refer to modern winter jackets as children ‘s jackets because the needs and physique of boys and girls are the same.

Unisex models are available in numerous color variants that every child likes and looks good.

The design, pockets, hood and fasteners are identical.

This jacket can later be worn by the opposite-sex sibling.

The main thing is child-friendly design, such as large pendants on the zips, Velcro patches close more easily than buttons. Elastic borders on the sleeves and hood always sit correctly.

When are girls winter jackets particularly cheap?

The younger your daughter is, the faster she grows up – and in unpredictable spurts. So don’t wait for action days in spring, because this jacket is guaranteed to be too small for the coming winter.

  • The best time to buy smaller sizes is just before the winter season. The jacket should leave enough space with a jacket or sweater underneath.
  • It’s different for teenagers: you can snag bargains during the spring sale and during the summer months. From mid-September, prices will rise again with the new collections.

Well-assorted online shops carry jackets all year round so that you can access them in a targeted manner.

Does a down coat make sense for girls?

Real down offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio. For babies and very delicate girls who freeze easily, this is definitely an option.

However, down is sensitive to moisture, so clumping of the filling impairs the insulation. Very active children will sweat in down jackets and the care of the jacket is difficult.

Another consideration is ethics. More and more manufacturers and customers are doing without ‘non-textile parts of animal origin’, which means not only down but also wool and leather. Your offspring hardly needs real fur on the hood, and your child won’t know any difference to faux fur as long as it keeps you warm.

A versatile 3in1 jacket

The 3in1 jacket with a removable fleece inner jacket offers an interesting alternative for teenagers and children.

In winter, both jackets together form a warm insulation according to the layering principle. In spring, the fleece jacket can be worn separately and the non-warming outer jacket is used on rainy days.

The double jacket is up-to-date all year round with three ways to wear it.

In addition, a double jacket that is expensive at first glance is easy on the parent’s budget, since there is no need to buy another transitional jacket.


Great colors, functional details and pleasant warmth characterize the ten popular girls winter jacket from our comparison. They all offer durable workmanship at affordable prices and probably do not require parental persuasion. Wind and water resistance extend the fun on a skiing holiday, without this information the jackets do their job perfectly in everyday life.

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