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We arrange a flower balcony

In recent years, balconies have become a popular place to relax. Those who cannot afford a house with a garden resort to a balcony. A lot of flowers, and in recent years also the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, or perhaps a fruit tree or an olive tree, is no surprise. We all want the space around us to be pleasing to the eye and we want to feel good on the balcony. We can relax, meditate or read our favorite book on the floral balcony with seating. Get inspired below, what you can have on the balcony.


Balcony full of flowers and vegetables

The concept of self-sufficiency is becoming very trendy. And so today you will see on the balconies not only brightly colored flowers, petunias, geraniums and begonias, but also beautiful red tomatoes, peppers, even cucumbers, specially bred for balcony cultivation, but also salads, strawberries and many others. If you decide to grow flowers, choose suitable flower pots that, with their material and color structure, will emphasize not only the appearance of the plant, but also the overall appearance of the balcony. Be timeless and choose self-watering planters, planters on legs or tall planters.


What to grow on the balcony

If you have a balcony facing south or west, you basically win. This orientation will guarantee you plenty of sunlight during the day and will suit almost all plants and fruits. A balcony located on the north or east side will have shade for most of the day, so fuchsia or hydrangea are perfect. Unlike other plants that wither in the shade, these love the shade and will delight you with long-blooming inflorescences.

A small balcony and its charm

You can’t come up with much on a small surface. Every cm counts. To make the most of this limited space, try a hanging grow system. Or to the height. Buy or make, for example, from pallets, which is now a big hit, a kind of support wall on which you can hang, for example, strawberries, herbs or even salad. You can also hang flowers, especially overhanging ones, on the edge of the balcony. Stylish boxes in different colors, overflowing with colorful flowers, will put a smile on your face when you look at them. Be creative and see how many possibilities even a small piece of space offers you.

The olive tree and other citrus fruits belong on the balcony

Did you know that you can also beautify your balcony with such a small tree? Citrus trees, as well as olive trees, can be grown in our conditions today. Especially if you have a balcony facing the already mentioned south or west side. These trees require as much as possible, they love the sun, after all, their homeland is the southern states, where there is more than 12 hours of sunshine a day. The beautiful appearance of the olive tree will transport you to Greece when you look at it, and who knows, maybe you will go there on your next vacation.

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