What is the process to log into my email account using my desktop?

A variety of users can use Bellsouth Email as a service provided by their Internet service provider. A leading provider of telephone services is, an American company which offers one of the most reliable services in the industry today. A well-respected telecommunications association in America has awarded telecommunications provider BellSouth with the honor of being awarded the best telecommunications association. After a short period of time, BellSouth was acquired by AT& and began operating independently.

As part of its service, Bellsouth offered its customers an email address, and most of Bellsouth’s email services were digital. For Bellsouth Email Login Problems (check login email page), Bellsouth is preferred by users for this reason, and ATT has now taken over Bellsouth, so its mail system is integrated with ATt, thus allowing users to login to Bellsouth email using the ATT account credentials.

How to login to the email account on a desktop computer

If you are already logged into, (Login to Bellsouth email by visiting, click Home and select Mail to access Bellsouth email. You may prefer to access your BellSouth email account through an app or program. Find out how to configure your access to your email account on your mobile device if you prefer not to use a web browser.

  • On your desktop, launch the Internet Explorer browser.
  • In the URL bar, enter the URL ( or and search for Bellsouth Email Login URL.
  • The BellSouth e-mail service can be accessed through the ATT Login page, at /bellsouth/email/
  • On the logging in screen for BellSouth email, enter your email address and fill in your password, then press the “LogIn” button.
  • Click on the link to view the email account for your BellSouth company.

You can access your BellSouth email account anywhere you have access to the internet

  • Take advantage of web-based email access
  • com is a good place to start.
  • Select the Mail option.
  • The email address and password that you entered are required.
  • Sign in by selecting Sign In. Choose Keep me signed in in order to remain logged in. Email Setup Guide

Having trouble creating your email account if you are a BellSouth customer? You can accomplish this by following these steps.

  • Please visit’s official website instead of
  • The username and password for your ISP account must be used to access the account
  • You must register in order to access the site. Click Register and enter your username.
  • After you log in using ATT Net account information, choose “Manage my account” from the menu
  • Once this has been done, click on the internet option and select the option to create an email address
  • Your email address will be displayed in a prompt
  • Once you have selected the create mailbox, you must set a password.
  • It is possible to set up your own webmail account using Bellsouth Net as described below. Email login for Yahoo Bellsouth was once referred to as

There are two reasons why AT&T is likely to be viewed negatively by supporters of strong antitrust policies by reaching a $67 billion acquisition agreement with BellSouth. This is a significant development in the process of bringing Ma Bell under one umbrella 22 years after trustbusters won their best victory since Standard Oil was broken up in 1911. In addition, they are aware that there will be a strong resistance from government organizations against this merger due to the fact that this merger is not detrimental in terms of the competitive environment within the telecom industry. Attempt email if you are unable to resolve your email login issues. In addition, if the given are not of any significance to you, you need not be concerned.

The issue can be resolved quickly with instant solution help. If users are not able to resolve their Bellsouth problems on their own, they may wish to contact Bellsouth’s customer support for assistance. Support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to provide assistance to users. Despite this, logging into your email account at BellSouth is completely safe. However, rare cases do occur, including yours. It is recommended that you take advantage of the expertise of the support team by calling our toll-free number at +1 888 630 4674 in order to resolve the problem efficiently and quickly. In addition to this, you may also request information on how to access your email account or how to fix the email login issue.

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